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The Channel Sales Academy Training Programmes

creating the industry's most prolific sales talent


Sales & Business Development

Unlock Elite Channel Sales Performance!

Elevate your skills with our renowned Sales & Business Development Training. Gain insights from top sales professionals and award-winning companies. With 15+ years of proven expertise, our program delivers advanced techniques, unique strategies, and industry-specific knowledge. Achieve remarkable results: 42% higher order values, 60% faster sales cycles, 378% increased prospect compliance, and 68% higher conversion rates! Ready to transform? Click below for details and join our clients as sales powerhouses in the channel!


Lead Generation & Telemarketing

Revolutionise Your Lead Generation & Telemarketing Performance!

Welcome to our cutting-edge remote training, designed to make you an industry standout. Dive into sales psychology, influence, and persuasion with scientifically validated strategies for remarkable results. Witness the magic in your skills, with clients experiencing a 37% surge in sales appointments in just one week, a 72% decrease in meeting cancellations, and an exceptional 50% increase in gatekeeper put-through rate. Ready to become a lead generation and telemarketing superstar? Click below for more info and enroll your team now!


New Starter Induction Programme

Creating The Channels Next Generation of Sales Talent!

Whether fresh from Uni or experienced elsewhere, entering the industry can be overwhelming. Our program demystifies jargon for quick profitability, addressing challenges of recruiting outside the field. Unlike industry hires with baggage, bad habits, and resistance to change, our program swiftly identifies and develops top talent. Enquire now for a streamlined approach—transform your recruits into profitable assets in record time! Click below for more info and enroll your new recruits now!

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