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finding, placing and developing the channel's most prolific sales, telemarketers and managers


let us find, introduce and negotiate your next exciting channel role

Channel Partner Services



At the Channel Sales Academy, we understand because we've all been there.


  • Feeling like now is the time to make a role move?

  • Want to make the step up the career ladder?

  • Facing unattainable KPIs and targets?

  • Experiencing a complete lack of development training and career growth? 

  • Hearing rumours of other companies offering much better compensation!?

  • Just curious and want to know what other opportunities are out there.


If any of these relate to you then you're definitely in the right place. But we also understand the anxiety and stress that comes with looking at and changing roles. Taking numerous days off for endless interviews, only to be met with empty promises—all while trying to remain focused and excel in your current sales, management or lead booking positions.


With over 15 years of experience training and developing award-winning teams in the industry, along with nurturing and coaching some of the most prolific sales and lead generation professionals, we possess invaluable insights into recognising and honing top talent.

On a daily basis, our clients pose the same questions to us:

  • "... Do you know of any trained sales and telemarketing professionals seeking new challenges?"

  • "... If you happen to hear about top telemarketers or salespeople exploring new opportunities, just give us a call."

  • "... Should you come across anyone from outside the channel whom you believe can be trained into a top talent, please let us know."



Our trusted and respected position within the industry means we often have advance knowledge of new channel vacancies or, more likely, a heads-up that a position will be created if we find the right person—something a traditional recruiter simply can't accomplish and let's face it you'd be unaware of also.

Interested in exploring new opportunities with us?


your success is our priority, and we're here to support you every step of the way!

Step 1: Showcasing & Promoting Your Success

You share your aspirations with us—your desired salary, and package, preferred location, and even the companies you have in mind and those you want to steer clear of!

To better tailor our approach, we encourage you to showcase your track record and provide us with evidence of your previous results, accomplishments, awards, and any other pertinent achievements that highlight your expertise and capabilities.

With your permission, our trusted partner network comes to us to find YOU through our exclusive Talent Hub.

Put Yourself in Front of the Perfect Audience Click Here to see an example: Talent Hub

Step 2: Unlock Hidden Opportunities Not Available With Traditional Recruiters!


Leveraging our extensive partner network and trusted relationships, we discreetly and confidentially promote you to potential channel partners. We do this without sharing your personal information, providing you with a unique opportunity to be considered for positions that may not have been publicly advertised. Plus, we negotiate the very best package on your behalf. If it aligns with your goals, we facilitate a meeting and interview between you and the company, ensuring the strictest confidentiality throughout, allowing both parties to assess suitability. 

Step 3: Your Feedback, Your Influence, Your Decision


Following the interview, we gather feedback from the company and relay it to you. We discuss your thoughts and feedback, addressing any questions or renegotiating the package, start date and opportunity on your behalf. With years of experience in the channel we will benchmark any offer against others in the industry which is something you may not have access to giving you a huge advantage!

Step 4: Fast-Track Your Ongoing Development & Success 


Upon accepting an employment offer, you'll be enrolled in one of our intensive, channel-specific training programs. This ensures you hit the ground running with the channel's best and proven sales strategies, securing your ongoing success. As part of our negotiations, we invite the channel partner to enrol you into our elite Channel Sales Academy—a 12-month coaching and development programme.


  • We are trusted to train and coach a partner's existing teams and therefore trusted with our talent recommendations!

  • We have access to exclusive roles and upcoming vacancies that many traditional recruiters simply don't have.

  • Our training, development, and coaching programs set the gold standard, embraced by top award-winning channel partners.

  • Bid farewell to the hassles of job hunting; we handle it all for you.

  • As a member of the Channel Sales Academy, you gain a trusted ally and advocate for your career.

  • Best of all, it's entirely FREE for you as a candidate!

  • Our top priority is supporting your future career, not just securing a one-off fee!​

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Talent Hub

showcasing your sales talent to the perfect channel audience

Talen Hub

Introducing our Talent Hub: A truly innovative approach to securing the best and most lucrative sales roles within the telecom and ICT channel.

Our discreet and confidential Talent Hub ensures that your skills, experience, personality, and honors are presented to the right people and ideal businesses.

Here's how it works:

  1. You describe what you are looking for – your desired location, perfect position, experience, preferred companies and skill set – enabling us to create a Talent Hub Profile that showcases you to your perfect audience within the channel.

  2. Sit back and allow Channel Partners to contact us to learn more about you, your salary expectations, and availability.

  3. We then contact you with their interest and discuss the opportunity, subsequently going back to the partner to either negotiate the package on your behalf or arrange the next steps.

In Strictest Confidence! Your personal details, such as your name, current employer or CV, are never shared with interested channel partners until a formal interview is agreed and you give us your permission.


Rising Telemarketing Superstar​

Meet our Rising Telemarketing Superstar! With a passion for excellence and a mere 18 months in the telemarketing arena, this dynamic professional is already making waves. Consistently hitting call, talk time, and booked appointment targets, they embody dedication and precision in every interaction. Having undergone rigorous training at the Channel Sales Academy, they not only bring fresh enthusiasm but also employ the academy's methodologies, strategies, and scripts to amplify their impact. Their commitment to learning and growth is evident, making them a valuable asset for any team. ​ What sets this Superstar apart is not just their skill set but the desire to be part of a vibrant and happy team environment. Balancing a young family, they seek a workplace that understands the importance of flexibility, requiring the ability to pick up their son at 5 pm daily. Whether office-based or working from home, they bring a positive attitude, adaptability, and a commitment to achieving results. If you're on the lookout for a motivated individual ready to contribute to a fun, dynamic, and flexible work environment, our Rising Telemarketing Superstar is eager to shine in the right company!


Enthusiastic Telecom Sales Professional

Meet our Energetic Telecom Sales Pro! With a buzzing enthusiasm for the telecom channel, this professional has been making waves for 2 1/2 years. Bucking the trend, they have not just met but exceeded annual targets by over 30% in both years—a testament to their dynamic approach. ​Responsible for sealing a minimum of 8 new business deals per month, their ambition and keen learning attitude make them a force to be reckoned with. Having previously successfully completed the Channel Sales Academy programme, they not only loved every second of it but applied the acquired skills passionately. ​ This proactive individual is no stranger to generating leads, currently producing an impressive 25% of their own meetings through networking, cold calling and door knocking. A strong advocate of expediting deals, they thrive on getting results swiftly. Ideally they seek a partner able to provide them with a minimum of 4 qualified new business appointments a week, showcasing their dedication and work ethic. ​With countrywide flexibility, this professional is on the lookout for a company that not only supports their ambition but also aids in their continuous development. They bring their own car to the table and require a good car allowance, reflecting their commitment to delivering results on the road. If you're in search of a high-energy, goal-driven sales professional, our Telecom Sales Pro is ready to contribute to your success story!


Highly Ambitious Sales Professional & Future Manager

Introducing our Future Telecom Sales Leader! With a rich tapestry of 8 years in the telecom sales landscape, this seasoned professional brings more than just experience; they bring a consultative artistry to the field. Known for a consultative approach that prioritises building trust and relationships, they have consistently been a high achiever, hitting both new logo and revenue targets with unwavering precision. Their expertise extends beyond the present into the realm of upcoming technology, providing clients with insights that go beyond the ordinary. A multi-award winner their dedication and performance speak for themselves. Despite their success, this professional feels the need for a new challenge. With their current company undergoing acquisition, they believe there is no further career progression. Passionate about nurturing talent, they love to help, train, and mentor new recruits, harboring ambitions of becoming a Sales Manager one day. In search of a new home, they're looking for a company that values both their expertise and dedication. Their ideal setting would be nestled in the Home Counties, where they can bring their wealth of experience and leadership skills to contribute to a dynamic team and grow with a forward-thinking organisation. If you're seeking a future leader to elevate your sales team, get in contact.

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