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Channel Sales Academy

Welcome to the Channel Sales Academy 

Your Gateway to Channel Sales and Recruitment Excellence!


- Gary May (Founder)

At the Channel Sales Academy (CSA), we take pride in being the leading Telecom & ICT channel-specific sales training and recruitment company in the UK. Our mission is to equip individuals and businesses in this industry with cutting-edge methods, strategies and top sales, sales management and telemarketing talent. 

Industry Gold Standard:
With our dedication to excellence, we have earned an unrivalled and unmatched reputation, making us the industry's gold standard for ethics and sales excellence. When you choose CSA, you are choosing a path that leads to success and recognition within the telecom and ICT sectors.


Empowering New Talent:

We understand that entering the telecom and ICT industry can be daunting for new sales talent. Many are deterred, believing it is too technical and complex. However, at CSA, we demystify the process and provide a fast track to channel sales success. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to empower individuals to flourish in this lucrative industry confidently.

Retaining and Developing Talent:

One of the significant challenges faced by the channel is the loss of sales talent to other industries due to the lack of ongoing training, career development, and clear development paths. At CSA, we address this issue head-on. By engaging with us, you not only benefit from our top-tier training but also ensure the retention of your talented sales force. While we train and develop, you thrive and succeed.

  • Salesforce found that 60% of sales professionals leave their jobs because they feel they are not being adequately trained.

  • The CEB found that "sales professionals who receive ongoing training are 33% more likely to exceed target than those who don't.

  • A survey by LinkedIn found that "72% of sales professionals believe that they need more training to be successful."

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs:

Whether you are a new start-up with a small team or a multi-national corporation with teams spanning the globe, we have got you covered. CSA provides one-off sales and lead generation events tailored to your specific requirements, allowing you to make an impact in the market and drive tangible results.

Flexible Client Options:

We understand that each business is unique, and so are their needs. To cater to diverse requirements, we offer flexible client options, making us your retained partner. Choose from weekly, monthly, or quarterly sales and lead generation training and implementation sessions, perfectly tailored to align with your business objectives.

At the Channel Sales Academy, we are not just a training provider; we are your dedicated partner in success. Join us today, and let's embark on a journey towards unparalleled growth and achievements in the dynamic world of telecom and ICT channel sales.


The Channel Sales Academy Founder - Gary May 

The Channel Sales Academy is the brainchild of Gary May a seasoned channel sales expert of over 15 years. Starting life as an engineer Gary soon saw the monumental opportunities of taking his technical ability and applying it into the realm of sales. Having had a hugely successful sales career Gary went on to become Sales Director for multi-channel partners and now is consulted by the industry's top resellers, distributors and manufacturers to train, coach and mentor their sales, lead generation and sales management teams.


Who is Gary May?


Meet Gary May, a specialist telecom and ICT sales and lead generation expert that has been transforming sales professionals and businesses for the past 15 years. As someone entrenched in the channel, you understand the paramount importance of having a top-performing sales and lead generation team in today's fiercely competitive and ever-evolving marketplace.

But when it comes to seeking external expertise to take your team to elite-level performance, reservations are only natural, especially if you already have an in-house training program. However, Gary May is no ordinary sales strategist, trainer, or coach – he is a world and industry-renowned expert with an unrivalled track record.

Throughout his illustrious career, Gary has collaborated with and cultivated some of the most prolific sales and lead generation teams in the Telecom & ICT industry. His methods have resulted in the generation of vast numbers of new sales leads, exponentially increased conversion rates, higher order values, and the propulsion of massive referral business.

Gary's reach knows no bounds, having trained, developed, and mentored thousands of elite salespeople and sales leaders across 28 countries worldwide. His expertise is showcased in the best-selling co-authorship of "SELLING – Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success," alongside authoring and producing acclaimed programs like "The Persuasion BluPrint" and "The Differentiation BluPrint."

His contributions have earned him the distinction of being widely acknowledged as the "MUST HAVE" sales acceleration expert within the Telecom and ICT industry. Gary's prowess has even caught the attention of the BBC, who sought him out as an industry expert. Industry peers have credited him as being in the top 1% of Influence & Persuasion Experts.

Gary's track record speaks volumes, and he is confident that the Channel Sales Academy Programmes will lead your sales and lead generation team to new heights of success. Backed by proven strategies and scientific research, Gary's methodologies, strategies and techniques are not for the faint-hearted; they are designed for those ready to explore new ideas and embrace unprecedented growth.


A highlight of Accolades:

- Best-selling co-author of "SELLING – Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success"
- Author & Producer of 'The Persuasion BluPrint' Programme
- Author & Producer of 'The Differentiation BluPrint' Programme
- Presented and delivered in 28 countries worldwide
- Multiple industry magazine articles published
- Comms Dealer - Sales Guru Series
- Speaker at Comms Vision - Glen Eagles
- Consultant to the BBC as an Industry Expert
- 5 Times Keynote Speaker at the Sales & Persuasion Conference Las Vegas, USA
- Founder & President of the Association of Sales Professionals UK
- Over 100 Client Industry Award Nominations & Category Winners
- Credited as being in the Top 1% of Influence & Persuasion Experts by Industry Peers

For those seeking the ultimate edge in sales and lead generation, Gary May and the Channel Sales Academy are the names that stand above the rest. With his guidance and proven methodologies, your team will be primed for unparalleled success in the fast-paced and competitive world of telecom and ICT sales.

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