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a unique combination of precision channel recruitment with
world-class industry-specific development training for
channel sales, lead generators and sales management


Channel Partner Services







With a top industry talent spotter and project recruiter on board, we're excited to support channel partners with a unique recruitment and headhunting service, with inclusive new starter / refresher training — all in a single fee, matching typical recruitment costs for just candidate sourcing!



Having trained and coached 100s of top teams and 1000s of prolific sales individuals in the industry, it's a daily occurrence to receive questions like:

"... Do you know any trained sales and telemarketing pros seeking new challenges?"

[Yes, of course!]

"... If you hear of any top-notch telemarketers or salespeople looking for a new role, can you put them in contact?"

[Yes, of course!]


"... We've not had much luck finding a new sales manager. Can you recommend anyone that wants to progress their career?" 

[Yes of course!]

Chances are, you've faced these questions too. This demand stems from consistently providing the channel with world-class industry-specific training, trusted and respected by clients and offering support even outside formal engagements and having a vast network of talent at our disposal.


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Step 1:
Needs Assessment and Company Exploration

In this initial phase, we engage in a comprehensive discussion about your vacancy, delve into the role and job description, understand your company culture, assess the current team dynamic, evaluate current performance levels, and explore future placement expectations. This thorough exploration sets the foundation for tailoring our recruitment and training approach to align seamlessly with your unique business needs. As part of this stage we can help you benchmark your salary, OTE and bonuses against other channel partners.

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Step 2:
Expert Sourcing, Headhunting & Initial Screening


Leveraging our vast network of candidate contacts, elite-level headhunting techniques, and expert recruitment benchmarking, we meticulously source, screen, and conduct initial remote interviews with top-tier candidates. You are actively involved from the first stage, ensuring that only the most promising candidates proceed to the next steps of the selection process. Where necessary we will conduct a sales assessment to understand current skill levels, ability and sales persona.

Have You Seen Our Exclusive Talent Hub & Vacancy Hub?

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Step 3:
Facilitated Interview Process


We take charge of arranging and facilitating further interviews on your behalf. Transparent feedback is provided to candidates who were unsuccessful, and we manage the communication process seamlessly. Based on initial interviews, we either proceed to a final interview stage or inform the candidates of their success in the process. Once accepted by the candidate onto our renowned 3 day New Starter Intensive training programme.

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Step 4:
Intensive Award-Winning New Starter Training


Delivered by bestselling author industry renowned sales strategist and founder of the Channel Sales Academy Gary May, every successful candidate undergoes our intensive 2 to 4-day, award-winning channel-specific sales or lead generation training programme. (Duration based on experience) This exact training is responsible for creating some of the industry's most elite level sales and telemarketing individuals ensuring that each candidate is equipped with the skills necessary for success from day 1. Upon completion, you receive a recorded sales presentation or call, offering insight into their final assessment.

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Step 5:
Ongoing Development and Mentoring


Successful candidates have the opportunity to enroll in the Channel Sales Academy's 12-month sales and lead generation development and mentoring program for a nominal client fee. This program consists of one full day of training per month, supplemented by email and telephone support, ensuring continuous and consistent success. For Steps 4 and 5, existing team members can benefit from discounted client rates, fostering a culture of ongoing learning and development within your organisation.


to get the top talent, go to those who are creating it!

  • Uniquely, our elite training and development programs are included in the recruitment fee!

  • Through years of working in the channel, we have the luxury of being trusted by a vast network of candidate talent, many of whom are unlikely to engage with a recruiter.

  • Having trained thousands of new and existing sales professionals, we know how to spot talent and what is required to succeed in the industry.

  • Whether attracting those entering the industry or from within, we help benchmark your job offering against other channel partners.

  • We have top sales, management, and lead-generation talent come to us looking to progress their career and wanting introductions to channel partners.

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We had the pleasure of hosting Gary May and the Channel Sales Academy for a two-day training session with our Telemarketing Team, and the impact has been nothing short of transformative.

Gary's expertise and insightful methods have injected a new level of efficiency and effectiveness into our team's approach.


Since implementing some of Gary's strategies, we've witnessed a remarkable surge in the number of appointments booked. One standout achievement is a team member who secured a staggering 21 new business appointments in just one week. This tangible result speaks volumes about the practicality and success of the Channel Sales Academy's training.

Gary's engaging and tailored training style resonated well with our team, fostering a positive and collaborative learning environment. We highly recommend Gary May and the Channel Sales Academy for anyone looking to elevate their telemarketing efforts and achieve tangible, impressive results.

Dan Levy

Training & Marketing Manager


November 2023

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I cannot express enough how transformative our experience with the Channel Sales Academy Sales & Telemarketing training program, led by the industry's foremost trainer, coach, and mentor, Gary May, has been for our team at Fortay Connect.


Our initial objective in bringing Gary on board was to revamp our approach to generating new business leads, primarily through phone outreach. While we had all received sales and telemarketing training in the past, what we encountered with Gary was nothing short of a revelation.


Within the first hour of the training, it became abundantly clear that what we were about to learn was not just different but on an entirely higher plane than anything we had ever encountered before. To call it genius is an understatement; it's a true paradigm shift.


What set Gary apart was his ability to teach us how to have prospects actively seek our services, resulting in an astounding 87% success rate. Additionally, his unique closing strategy, with an over 90% conversion rate, has armed us with an unparalleled approach, an opportunity we would have never realized without Gary and the Channel Sales Academy's training and coaching.


Gary May and the Channel Sales Academy have truly unlocked a world of possibilities for Fortay Connect, and I am immensely grateful for the impact this experience has had on our business.


Sincerely, Mark Taylor Managing Director Fortay Connect

November 2023

"... Fast forward 2 months and my brand new telesales team and Sales Academy recruits have delivered back-to-back company record months 📈 

🏆Individuals tracking to break the all time company record for meetings in just their 3rd month! 🏆 

As well as individuals already on progression plans to be promoted into the senior sales team, following the numerous examples of Sales Academy Graduates whom have progressed in the last 6 months."

Tommy Dixon - Sales Manager

November 2023

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